For scale... @ Spirefestival 2019 ● Curated by by Jesper Aabille & Anna Weber Henriksen
1 - 5 August 2019

Press (danish)
For Scale er en stedspecifik installation, der har til sinde at inkludere og udtømme sine omgivelser gennem fysiske manifestationer og tekstuelt opspind. Gennem festivalperioden vil installationen, som blandt andet består af forskellige arkæologiske dokumentationsværktøjer med varierende præcision, placeres rundt omkring i terrænet, hvor de vil være i kontinuerlig dialog med omgivelserne.

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The And of the World @ The Dirty Art Foundation
14 June - 17 June 2019

As the crusade of the Islamic State bulldozed through the land of the Levant, one of its architectural victims reappeared on the steps of Trafalgar Square. Shrouded by a satin cloth, stood one of the finest physical manifestations of virtual archeology. Caught in-between the physical and the digital, the historical artefact - our memory, had finally been completely destroyed. If cultural heritage is the beating heart of a society, what happens when its representatives are replaced by surrogates?


The great thing about waiting for the apocalypse, is that it frees you from worrying about the future; you can embrace annihilation, and instead, set sail for the edge of the earth.

With ‘The And of the World’ the graduates of the Dirty Art Department embrace the possibility of moving forward from the promise of extinction—to chart a course through the abyss, toward a happy anding.

a Dirty Art Department Graduation Show

with works by

Sun Chang, Sara Daniel, Walter Götsch, Jason Harvey, Selma Koran, Jeroen Kortekaas, Leslie Lawrence, David Haack Monberg, Rachele Monti, Daniel Ordoñez Muñoz, Jean-Francois Peschot, Léo Ravy, Tomasz Skibicki

Special thanks: Tom Kemp, Octave Rimbert, Uffe Isolotto, Center for Signifikante Oplevelser, Natalia Jordanova
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Photos: Rachelle Monti

Exo Exo Exo Exo
Wooden Structural Support for shipping, LDPE Stretch film, Dried Chameleons, Last known automatic barcode image-scan of lost parcel containing replica of The Trafalgar Veil: Sublimation Print, Polyester fabric, Rope

Icons Made Without Hands [.GCODE .STL .RCP .ZIP .JPG .ETC]
Digital-Artefact Reliefs; Silicone, Wood, Bolts, 3D Print
Series of 6

30 min. Video-loop [english sub.] - In collaboration with Tom Kemp

Where Plato Taught @ Academiae Biennial 2018 ● Curated by Christian Jankowsky
7 July - 31 October 2018

with The Dirty Art Department (NL)Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi (IT)DFFB (DE)M^C^O (IT)Young Boys Writing Group (IT)Lost Dad Radio (NL)

The Wandering School Part 2: Revolution or Bust!

Following the social sculpture of the first ‘Wandering School’, which took place in 2016 with Macao Collective in Milan, ‘The Wandering School Part 2: Revolution or Bust!’ took place as a journey through Greece—as the place of origin of western knowledge, and the stage where the contemporary fight against European and global neoliberal hegemony is played out.

The goal is, if not the actual revolution, the creation of contemporary rituals for the creation of the new world.

Members and friends of the Dirty Art Department left Amsterdam by plane to Bari, and travelled in descending order of technology—by boat from Bari to Patras, by public transport from Patras to Delphi. On arriving in Delphi, they met the Oracle, Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, who presented his Ode to Capitalism and explained the revolution in his terms.

Continuing on foot from Delphi to Athens, over mountains and through valleys, there was time for rumination and chances to realize new links between themselves and with those they met along the way.

Once in Athens, they sought out the light through a series of planned and unplanned happenings, lectures, situations and actions. Caught between the impossible fantasy of the Revolution and the real task of self-organising, those involved decided individually and collectively how to proceed and what action to take. These are some residues from the experience.

Publication: Daddy Issues #2 - THE ISSUE WITH ART EDUCATION (PART 1)
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Photos: Tomasz Skibicki

Take a memory of Greece @ Stoa42 ● Organized by Leo Ravy
19 May - 16 July 2018

feat. DORYLeslie Lawrence (GB)Leo Ravy (FR)Dani Andres (GB)Walter Götsch (FI)Rachele Monti  (CH)Tomasz Skibicki (DE/PL)Sun Chang (CN)Jean-François Peschot (FR)

It is easy to get lost in a city of ghosts, subtle caricatures of the something that was. Authenticity is long gone or perhaps never existed in the first place. What we are left with are new concepts that define our history through hyperlink structures, big data and block chains. The naivety of the algorithm leaves no room for foolish interpretation. It only does what Herodotus, the Father of Lies, could not. It is difficult navigating the vast sea of fragmented information when both the truth and the lie has become familiar instances. In fact, how are we even supposed to navigate in this city? Were we in fact briefly narrating our own authentic experience?

What remains?

Tell tales slightly defined by their common physical connection to the space, Stoa42. Their upbringing firstly rendered by all the things we experienced on the side. We came, we saw and we left. But, what was the point in the first place?

We are a group consisting mainly of artists and designers from the The Dirty Art Department / Sandberg Institute, based in Amsterdam. We arrived in Athens as a self-organised collective two months ago. Over the course of five weeks we will present a series of works and events at Stoa42. This is the finissage.

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Recovered version of "Introducing... (2018), Publication, 64 pages" by Leo Ravy & Leslie Lawrence

Bachelor Exhibition @ Kunsthal Ulys ● Curated by Nanna Stjernholm Jepsen
1 – 11 June 2017

In the hall of Kunsthal ULYS, at Odense harbour, you will find the Third Year Exhibition of Funen Art Academy, which marks the end of the students’ undergraduate programme. The exhibition is a brilliant example of how multifarious and alive contemporary art is, serving as a preview of some of the movements and expressions of tomorrow.

The Third Year Exhibition is a mosaic of differences: a cross section that displays a wide variety of perspectives on art, methods, choices of materials and work processes merging collectively within the exhibition. In an unbridled polyphony, the exhibition offers the opportunity for dialogues among practises that are not necessarily connected such as morphing and generic computer game figures which find their way alongside micro-ecosystems of algae plants.

The Third Year Exhibition has been given the opportunity to reside temporarily in the hall of Kunsthal ULYS for the 13 students of the third year of Fune Art Academy to show their latest production.

Photos: David Stjernholm

The Savior @ FAA Project Room ● Collaboration with Theis Madsen
4 – 10 February 2017